Ministry of Beer’s Exceptional Sour Collection

Ministry of Beer’s sour offerings stand as a testament to the artistry of brewing, where creativity and complexity converge. Crafted by Brett Reimann’s meticulous hands, these sours showcase a passion for pushing flavor boundaries. From the nuanced Barrel Aged Blonde Sours to the captivating Galaxy of Sour, each sip unfolds a tapestry of taste.

The barrel program, a cornerstone of Ministry of Beer, introduces a symphony of oak undertones, fruit infusions, and mild funk, exemplified in the 3-year aged Golden Sour. Brett’s dedication to sour excellence extends to a small but thriving barrel program, where experimentation with malt, yeast, and hops elevates each creation.

Ministry of Beers Range of Sours

Ministry of Beers Range of Sours

The Galaxy of Sour, a fine addition, unveils a harmonious blend of 75% 18-month Barrel Aged Blonde Sour and 25% 3-year aged Golden Sour, dry-hopped with Galaxy Hops. This celestial concoction pours golden with a hint of red, offering a moderate acidity that tantalizes the palate before surrendering to the allure of citrus, passion fruit, and the distinctive character of French Oak barrels.

Whether enjoyed fresh at the Brewery Cellar Door or aged for later indulgence, Ministry of Beer’s sour collection beckons enthusiasts to embrace the wild and unconventional. With each release, Brett’s passion for brewing sour beers not only tantalizes taste buds but also cements Ministry of Beer’s reputation as a purveyor of unique, unforgettable, and exceptionally crafted sour experiences.