Whole Range of Beers

Building upon the success of “Old Timer,” Ministry of Beer expanded its range, introducing a variety of fruited sours that showcased the brewery’s commitment to innovation and flavour diversity.

The brewery’s core range saw development, offering a spectrum of styles that appealed to a broad range of palates. As Ministry of Beer navigated the craft beer landscape, Brett’s dedication to quality and craftmanship became increasingly evident. The inclusion of peach and cherry variations among the fruited sours added a layer of complexity, establishing Ministry of Beer as a destination for those seeking unique and adventurous brews.

This period marked not only an expansion in the beer offerings but also a deeper commitment to the craft. Ministry of Beer solidified its identity, balancing tradition with a spirit of experimentation. As the brewery continued to carve its path, the foundations were laid for future innovations and the establishment of a venue, further cementing Ministry of Beer as a dynamic force in the brewing community.