Lyndoch Taproom

The year 2021 ushered in a defining era for Ministry of Beer, marking a significant chapter in its story of evolution and resilience. As the brewery continued to mature, Brett Reimann’s vision expanded beyond the confines of his Barossa Valley farm. The introduction of a hop field, a canning line, and a diverse collection of barrels, including American and French Oak and ex-whisky casks, underscored Ministry of Beer’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

Beers on tap at the Ministry of Beer - Credit The Craftypint

However, the pinnacle of this period came with a momentous leap forward—the opening of a unique venue in Lyndoch. Housed in an old bank building, the venue became a hub for craft beer enthusiasts, offering 16 taps that showcased a rich spectrum of styles, from pilsners to sours and barrel-aged delights. The venue offered a kitchen, where the Ministry of Beer crew can produce German-style flat pizza, added a culinary dimension to the Ministry of Beer experience.

Ministry of Beer Dining Area

Ministry of Beer Dining Area

The venue, adorned with thick wooden beams, barrels, and grapevines in the beer garden, became a testament to Ministry of Beer’s natural and welcoming approach. The ingenious transformation of the bank vault into a coolroom spoke volumes about the brewery’s ability to infuse character into every aspect of its identity. This period not only witnessed a spatial expansion but also reinforced Ministry of Beer’s deep roots within the local community, as both locals and travelers flocked to savor the unique offerings and warm ambiance. As the taps flowed and the coolroom hummed, Ministry of Beer entered a new era, balancing tradition and innovation within the heart of South Australia.