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Ministry Of Beer

The article below is written by Sheryl from Wanderlust Soul Journal, who shared a detailed review capturing the essence of our brewery, its dog-friendly ambiance, and the unique experience it offers. For a closer look at Sheryl’s perspective and recommendations, visit her article here.

Cheers to an adventure in craft beer and a warm welcome at the heart of Lyndoch!

Four / Ministry of Beer, Lyndoch

barossa valley Dog-friendly brewery cellar door with beer garden

Glory to beer in the highest! Located within the heart of Lyndoch, the Ministry of Beer stands out with its aesthetically pleasing and contemporary building.

Especially so, when the vines out front are full and lush in spring/summer or a vibrant red in autumn – the photos of this place during those times look absolutely stunning!

It’s equally stylish with a great ambience once you step inside, and the staff are wonderful and friendly. It’s an awesome place for kicking back and enjoying a lovingly crafted beer or two.

Ministry of Beer Building
Ministry of Beer Building

Dog-friendly beer garden

For those of you visiting with your furry friend, they have dog-friendly outdoor seating at their beer garden. There’s huge sail shades overhead for sun protection but nothing in the way of heavy rain.

Even though the weather was cold and dismal on the day we went, we were lucky enough not to have rain.

Specialising in sour beers

If you consider yourself a craft beer enthusiast, you’ll be delighted with the Ministry of Beer’s large and interesting range.

They only brew small batches to keep things fresh and to allow them to experiment and serve more unusual flavours. Brett, the brewer and owner of the Ministry of Beer has a passion for sour beers, so you’ll find a large amount of this style on tap.

Tasting paddle at Ministry of Beer Building
Tasting paddle

Flammekueche and grazing platters

In terms of food, the Ministry of Beer serves Flammekueche, which is a German style pizza with very thin bases. We didn’t have any but they did smell good!

You can also put together your own grazing platter as they offer local fine food products.

On the way out, I grabbed some locally made apricot rocky road which was yum.

Location and opening hours

1 Lyndoch Valley Rd, Lyndoch, South Australia
Wednesday to Sunday, 11am – 7pm
Mondays, 12pm – 6pm
Closed Tuesdays.

Please visit the Ministry of Beer website to find out more about their interesting range of beers or to shop online.

If you’re like us and basically doing a brewery tour of Australia, this is a good one to add to the list!

Charlie at Ministry of Beer
We had a long day, it was cold, so this is the unapproving glare we got while at Ministry of Beer