Brewery Cellar Door

Brewery Cellar Door

Right in the Heart of The Barossa Valley

Discover Ministry of Beer’s Brewery Cellar Door in the heart of Lyndoch, nestled in the Barossa Valley. Enjoy our inviting shaded beer garden or expansive bar area, offering 16 on-tap beers and convenient takeaways. Immerse yourself in our warm Brewery Cellar Door ambiance, sampling traditional lagers to the boldest Barrel Aged Sours.

Distinguished by thoughtful comforts, our cellar door boasts air conditioning, surrounded by lush vines. Our pet-friendly shaded beer garden creates a welcoming haven. Catering to all, we provide baby change facilities, disabled parking, and toilets, embracing inclusivity. Experience a cellar door where craft beer meets hospitality, inviting you to savor moments crafted with care in the heart of Lyndoch.



For a great way to experience a diverse range of beer styles we suggest considering one of our Tasting Paddles.

We currently have 16 beers on tap ranging from traditional styles like Pale Ale & Pilsner, hoppy varieties like IPA or NEIPA, Stouts, Kettle Sours, Limited Releases and some wild outrageous Barrel Aged Sours. It can be fairly hefty to try and get through sampling all of these! So we suggest a Tasting Paddle consisting of 4 x 148ml pours of any beers you choose from our Tap List.

Tasting Paddles range in price from $18 – $24 per paddle depending on the beers of choice.

If you would like to try one out simply grab a paddle and a piece of chalk from the bar and write up the numbers on your paddle that coincide with the tap numbers and we will fill them up for you.

This is a great way to try something without committing to a full-sized serve and an ideal opportunity to try your taste buds out on something different – can we convert you to becoming a Barrel Aged Sour groupie?! Let us know!


Flammekueche & Local Produce

Flammekueche (pronounced Flama-coosh), also known in France as Tarte Flambée, is a regional gastronomic stone baked flat-bread from the Alsace-Lorraine region. Flammekueche is a yeast free light alternative to pizza and is absolutely delicious!

  • Variety of Sliced Meats from our local Lyndoch Valley Butcher

  • Tuckers Natural Biscuits, All Varieties including Gluten Free

  • Gourmet Goodies Lyndoch – Blatchy’s Almonds BBQ, Salt & Vinegar or Smokey

  • Pinafores Pantry Chocolates
  • Chips and other drinks

Live Music

Live Music From The Barossa and Adelaide

Experience the vibrant rhythm at Ministry of Beer’s Live Music Sessions. Our Cellar Door and Beer Garden comes alive with the soulful melodies of local acoustic duos from the Barossa and Adelaide. Immerse yourself in the musical tapestry, enhancing your craft beer journey.

Be delighted as our talented barman, Phil, occasionally takes the stage, adding his unique flair to the ambiance. From laid-back tunes to spontaneous performances, our Live Music Sessions complement the warmth of our brewery. Join us for a harmonious fusion of exceptional brews, live melodies, and an inviting atmosphere.

Beer Garden

Dog-friendly beer garden oasis

Unleash a paw-some experience at Ministry of Beer’s Dog-Friendly Beer Garden! Nestled in the heart of Lyndoch, our shaded oasis welcomes four-legged friends to share the joy of craft beer with their humans.

Surrounded by lush greenery and flourishing vines, our beer garden offers a pet-friendly haven for furry companions. Sip on our diverse selection of 16 beers on tap, indulge in tasty treats, and bask in the camaraderie of fellow dog-loving patrons. Ministry of Beer invites you to savor quality moments with your canine companions in our warm and inclusive atmosphere, where every visit is a tail-wagging deligh


Craft beer, vines, lively ambiance.

Ministry of Beer is the perfect venue for unforgettable gatherings. Nestled in the heart of Lyndoch, our Brewery Cellar Door offers a unique and versatile space for celebrations, corporate events, and special occasions. With a warm and inviting ambiance, our venue caters to diverse needs, from intimate gatherings to lively festivities.

Immerse your guests in the charm of our shaded beer garden or the spacious bar area, complemented by 16 beers on tap. Our attentive team ensures a seamless experience, while the option to include live music adds an extra layer of entertainment. Host your next event with flair at Ministry of Beer.