Ministry of Beer

February 2024

Present and Future

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In the present, Ministry of Beer stands as a dynamic and thriving craft beer destination, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation at its charming Lyndoch venue in the heart of the renowned Barossa Valley. Surrounded by the picturesque landscapes and vineyards that characterize this iconic wine region, Ministry of Beer offers a unique haven for beer enthusiasts seeking a diverse and authentic experience. The 16 taps continue to pour a rich array of styles, from crisp pilsners to tantalizing sours, reflecting the brewery's commitment to providing a broad and satisfying palate for its patrons. The kitchen, specializing in German-style flat[...]

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January 2021

Lyndoch Taproom

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The year 2021 ushered in a defining era for Ministry of Beer, marking a significant chapter in its story of evolution and resilience. As the brewery continued to mature, Brett Reimann's vision expanded beyond the confines of his Barossa Valley farm. The introduction of a hop field, a canning line, and a diverse collection of barrels, including American and French Oak and ex-whisky casks, underscored Ministry of Beer's commitment to craftsmanship and quality. However, the pinnacle of this period came with a momentous leap forward—the opening of a unique venue in Lyndoch. Housed in an old bank building, the[...]

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January 2018

Ministry of Beer’s Exceptional Sour Collection

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Ministry of Beer's sour offerings stand as a testament to the artistry of brewing, where creativity and complexity converge. Crafted by Brett Reimann's meticulous hands, these sours showcase a passion for pushing flavor boundaries. From the nuanced Barrel Aged Blonde Sours to the captivating Galaxy of Sour, each sip unfolds a tapestry of taste. The barrel program, a cornerstone of Ministry of Beer, introduces a symphony of oak undertones, fruit infusions, and mild funk, exemplified in the 3-year aged Golden Sour. Brett's dedication to sour excellence extends to a small but thriving barrel program, where experimentation with malt, yeast,[...]

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Whole Range of Beers

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Building upon the success of "Old Timer," Ministry of Beer expanded its range, introducing a variety of fruited sours that showcased the brewery's commitment to innovation and flavour diversity. The brewery's core range saw development, offering a spectrum of styles that appealed to a broad range of palates. As Ministry of Beer navigated the craft beer landscape, Brett's dedication to quality and craftmanship became increasingly evident. The inclusion of peach and cherry variations among the fruited sours added a layer of complexity, establishing Ministry of Beer as a destination for those seeking unique and adventurous brews. This period marked[...]

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January 2016

Ministry of Beer – The Beginning

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In 2016, the Ministry of Beer came to life when Brett Reimann, a passionate homebrewer, embarked on a journey to craft barrel-aged sours. Nestled on his farm in the Barossa Valley, Brett's initial set-up, a modest shed with a 200-litre brewhouse and 400-litre fermenters, reflected the humble beginnings of what would become a remarkable brewery. As the craft beer scene in Australia was still adapting to sours, Brett played the long game, patiently awaiting the optimal maturity of his brews in single barrels before introducing them to a small local market. Some of the first venue's to host Brett's[...]

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